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FREE Burial assistance

Anonymous started this conversation

I have come across posts from people looking for burial assistance and help with covering the costs associated with funerals. Here is a partial list of what I have found so far. I will continue to add more as I find them.

Burial assistance programs


District of Columbia




Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, WI

Nashville & Davidson County

West Virginia


Mecklenberg County , Charlotte, NC

Nome Eskimo Community

Chickasaw Nation 

KentCounty, Grand Rapids, MI - honorably discharged wartime veterans and their spouses only 

Alexandria VA 

Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties - children only

martin county, FL 

Seneca -Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma

Renville County, MN

Ounalashka, Alaska

Waganakising Odawa - Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians 



St Anne Orthodox Church - Albany, Oregon

Linn County, Iowa




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Gypsy at sea
I lost a son 2/28/16 and a daughter 12/22/16 son 27 Daughter trying to find help to bury them
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Hi, my mother past away when I was 14. I am now 28 and there is still a balance on the burial and still she has no stone. She left 5 kids all 18 and under so we never had the means to pay it off. There is a balance of $2000 I believe, than we still need the stone. Is there any place here in Wa state that would help?? Thanks
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Some states and counties offer direct financial assistance for bills and expenses or individuals can look into services offered by the Funeral Consumers Alliance, which can provide advice and help a family provide an affordable and dignified funeral for their loved ones. Your income will be taken into account .

An updated list of local organizations is at The main office of Funeral Consumers Alliance can be reached at 1-802-482-3437.

PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL SOCIAL SERVICES OR DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES as some states offer financial assistance for funerals.

Social Security Administration – Individuals who are currently receiving Social Security payments from the federal government are entitled to a lump sum death benefit of $255. This financial assistance is only paid out if there is a surviving child or spouse, and the child needs to be 18 years of age or younger.

Alabama – According to Alabama law, each county needs to pay necessary burial expenses and funeral costs of someone who has died in the county and if they don’t have financial means. Assistance also needs to be provided to those family members living in the county who also do not have the financial means to pay their bills.
Alaska – Assistance is only offered for tribal members.
Arizona - Limited burial/cremation expenses may be paid for. Call your local county office.
Arkansas – Each County Judge offers a Paupers fund to the indigent and low income. This fund is payable to the funeral home for individuals that have no insurance or cash to pay for a funeral. All other options need to be used up before the county may assist. Also, the funds may vary by county in the amount they can offer.
California – No statewide assistance is offered. Call your local coroner's office for advice. You should call the county before contacting a funeral home.
Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) offers Burial Assistance. The program can provide financial assistance to help pay for burial, funeral, and/or cremation costs. The amount offered will vary based on whether someone receives help from SSI or Medicaid, but CDHS may pay up to $2500 to the family
Connecticut Department of Social Services – This government agency will pay up to $1800, less any assets that are in the deceased’s estate, toward cremation or burial expenses.
Delaware – May contribute up to $400 for pauper burial in one of three county cemeteries.
Florida Health and Human Services is mandated by state law to provide proper burial arrangements for residents who are poverty-stricken and whose bodies are unclaimed.
Georgia – No statewide program
Hawaii – The state will provide up to $400 toward funeral home or crematory expenses. An additional $400 can be paid out for cemetery expenses and bills.
Idaho – Funeral assistance varies by county. For example, Twin Falls may offer up to $895 for Basic Service and $695 for cremation $695.
Illinois Department of Human Services operates the Funeral and Burial Unit at (217) 524-5294. This government run department pays the funeral and burial expenses of a person. Limits include up to $1,103 for funeral costs and/or $552 for burial costs. The amount of money spent, including family contribution and state assistance, may not exceed $2,000 for cemetery costs and $2,000 in funeral expenses/bills.
Indiana - Burial assistance is offered for deceased TANF recipients. Aid includes $400 toward cemetery expenses and $600 toward funeral expenses.
Iowa - The state General Assistance funds provides temporary cash and grant assistance with basic and special needs, such as funeral services and expenses.
Kansas – No programs are offered across the state.
Kentucky can pay for indigent burials. Individuals who are without financial means or burial insurance can get the cost of a burial paid for. Families will need to contact the funeral home of choice for initial screening. If you are qualified, the funeral home will refer you to Adult Services.
Louisiana – Call your local county for advice
Maine – The state general assistance fund can pay for cremations/burials. Local towns and municipalities are responsible for paying the direct cremation or burial bills of anyone who dies leaving no assets or money to pay those expenses. The applicant also can’t have a livable relative who is financially able to pay the bills.
Maryland Department of Human Resources runs the Burial Assistance Program. This resource is available to help with funeral expenses of deceased recipients and people who are currently enrolled in the Family Investment programs. Aid is only available when their families cannot afford funeral costs on their own. 1-800-332-6347
Massachusetts – The Department of Transitional Assistance is responsible for funeral and burial expenses for those with no other options or means available to them.
Michigan offers a program known as Home & Burial Services. This is offered when the descendant's estate, mandatory copayments, etc., are not sufficient to pay the bills. Burial payment assistance may be available to pay for expenses such as Cremation, the burial itself, or even the costs associated with donation of a body to a medical school.
Minnesota - Some counties in the state, such as Hennepin, offer Funeral Assistance programs. Most are administered by the Public Health Department and/or Human Services. In some cases, certain counties may pay funds (even up to $2,100) directly to the funeral home or providers. All aid depends on county funding and the individual’s needs. State law does require that counties pay basic funeral expenses to cremate or bury those who die alone and who are destitute. Or the state/county needs to provide those services for families or individuals who can't afford a burial or basic coffin for a relative.
Mississippi - No statewide services are provided
Missouri – Any assistance will vary or be offered at the county level.
Montana – No statewide resources.
Nebraska – Some regions, such as Douglas County, will consider providing financial assistance to pay for the cremation of remains of any person who dies within the boundaries of the county.
Nevada – Your local Department of Social Services may be able to provide payment to pay for the cremation, funeral or burial costs for a deceased indigent person.
New Hampshire – Any assistance will vary by county and municipality
New Jersey – The State can help the needy and low income pay for funeral bills through the Department of Human Services, or DHS. People will need to apply for the so called public assistance funeral funds by calling the welfare agency or board of social/human services in your county. You can also call (609) 588-2000 for a list of local Department of Human Services offices.
New Mexico - The cremation or burial expenses may be paid by your local county out of the county indigent hospital claims fund or the general fund. In general, qualified families can receive an amount of up to $600 in order to pay for the cremation or burial costs any adult or minor.
New York – Any funeral assistance varies by county. For example, one county pays up to $1000.
New York City - Burial Financial Assistance is provided by the city. They will provide up to $900 in financial assistance in order to pay for burial costs and funeral expenses for low-income New York City residents. Call the Department of Social Services.
North Carolina – Varies by county. Some Department of Social Services may pay up to $1500.
North Dakota – Across the state of ND, individual counties have burial assistance programs available for indigent people and the poor. Most funeral directors are aware of the various financial and cash benefits and they can help people apply for them.
Ohio - The state used to have a program, but it was cut for budgetary reasons. Now the responsibility for paying for the burial and funeral costs of all indigents and the poor has shifted to towns, cities, villages, and, possibly local counties.
Oklahoma – Some counties may offer Burial or Cremation. This is a financial assistance program for families or individuals who do not have the resources to pay for or cremate a loved one.
Oregon – Possible up to $650 may be paid for by the state or county.
Pennsylvania – The state provides a Burial and Cremation Services Payment from The Department of Public Welfare. This government organization will provide qualified families with payments for burial and cremation services on behalf of eligible individuals. Your local County Assistance Offices will determine eligibility. Call 1-800-537-8862.
Rhode Island - May provide financial assistance with funeral expenses, creation or burial costs if the individual meets certain eligibility requirements. Call your local Department of Human Services office for more information or to apply.
South Carolina - Contact the local coroner. Expect limited services or aid, if any.
South Dakota – Assistance will vary by town or county. For example, Minnehaha will pay out up to $2,999, while Lincoln offers $2,500. The state required that counties need to pay the bills and cover costs if someone dies without money and if the deceased has no family member that is able or willing to help cover the costs.
Tennessee – The Indigent Burial/Cremation Services is available in some counties. Some local Social Service organizations provide coordination and funding for the burial and costs of deceased persons who did not leave sufficient resources to pay the expense
Texas Community Services Department administers the Bereavement Service program in some counties. This county/local government resource will insure that every indigent citizen without adequate resources or financial means will receive a simple but dignified burial. The state of Texas Constitution requires counties to cremate or bury the poor or indigent. This Bereavement program, which provides this service as a last resort, will work either with referral services to obtain low-cost funeral services or directly with families to arrange a county burial.
Utah – No programs are offered at the state level.
Vermont – Call your county for suggestions. Some locations may provide up to $1100.
Virginia – Funeral assistance will vary by county. Norfolk County offers $500, and other counties may provide aid too.
Washington – Programs will be established at the county level. Seattle/King County will provide up to $500 for funeral costs.
Washington DC – The ESA Burial Assistance Program offers cash assistance to low-income Washington, DC residents. Money is offered to those who need help with paying funeral costs. The ESA program provides qualified people up to $450 towards the cost of cremation or up to $800 towards other funeral bills. An ESA identified and approved undertaker must be used by a family.
West Virginia – Some county human services organizations may be aware of funding.
Wisconsin - State and public money is administered at the county level. Apply for up to $1,500 for funeral home expenses and $1,000 for cemetery costs.
Wyoming – Any assistance is set by each county. Park County may offer up to $2500, and other allowances are available from the Department Of Family Services in certain cases. Individual counties have set rules and regulations for offering burial assistance for indigent people.
How to apply
For more information, or to apply for funeral assistance, call the social service, community action agency, coroner or local Department of Human Services in your state or county. Click here for a listing of non-profit agencies and state programs which may be able to provide more details or refer you.
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Dj sha
This is a great resource
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The Unforgettables Foundation is a non-profit organization in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties of Southern California, offers burial assistance for children of low income families 30 week gestation through 18 years of age.
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Loveing Mother
 in response to maureenmo...   Maureen I don't knowof any place that will give free markers.I want you to know my story.I lost 2 baby boys from premature delivery.I lived in Nashville TN at the time.Woodlawn cemetary had a program to bury them for free but the markers had to be bought.Both my boys are buried in the same grave.We never had the money to pay for the marker.My marker was $2,300.Years later my husband had an afair and let me for another woman.After the divorce I knew that I would be leaveing the state and move to my home state of South Carolina.I could not leave Nashville until I had my babies grave marked.I loved them and they deserved to be marked.I made a deal with Woodlawn.I paid $23.00/month until the markers were paid for then they laid the marker down.I moved to SC a few months later.I being a single mother paid for that marker myself.My ex-husband did not want anything to do with it.He said let the dead bury the dead.Besides raising my liveing 2 children to adulthood being a single mother my greatest accomplisment was paying for the marker for my 2 dead sons.I sacrificed for them.Yes,It took a total of 25 years to get them marked but I did it.In the mean time I marked their grave with flowers.When I went to Woodlawn and paid that last payment the mortorary personell clapped their hands stood up and gave me praise for doing what I did.They said that most people who lost babies and buried there never paid off a marker.Good luck in your search but in the mean time see if your mortorary will let you set up a payment plan like I did.
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George Gibbs
Hi, I live in Kentucky and my Sister-in-law passed away yesterday and she had no insurance or property. We cannot find the funds needed to burry her with. What can we do? It is a disaster. I have no clue where to start at. Please point us in the right direction for this time. Contact me at or call 1-270-922-0638.
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HI, we are tryng to find out if there is any burial assistance for our some who passed in houston texas.. we live in Puerto Rico ... it has been impossible to find a proper number from over here..
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I have a relative whose daughter was killed & does not have the money for burial. Does anyone know of any assistance programs for this type of situation? I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
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 in response to chatkat...   

If he is in hospice, they would  be the first place to ask. Other places to consider are social services, catholic charities, red cross, st vincent de paul, local churches,etc..

I did find one organization @ 150 miles from you Missouri end of life community alliance

they may be more helpful than I. 

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My nephew has terminal cancer.He has three small children and a wife.They have no life insurance.He is 26 years old and time is not on their side.Is there any assistance to help with funeral services,caskets. plots etc.I am trying to find anything to help them and keep them from any more stress during the short time they have together.HELP.Thanks

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Shawn Taylor

Hello My name is Dallas Taylor who is in HELP to find someone or some place to help me with buring my son who died from a heart attack at the age of 36  if anyone can help please do so if you have any question you can call the furneal home at PENN FURNEAL HOME 540-980-1226 or you can call 540-980-6056 that is my number anything that anyone can donate would be very apprecaited thank my sons name was Shawn Taylor and again thanks PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR HELP TO GIVE HIM  BURIAL again thanks

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 in response to maureenmo...   

try this site... maybe they can help

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Does anyone know of any places that can help us get a marker for our baby? Our baby passed away in December from SIDS and we need help with a marker. I live in Missouri. They want 1700 for a marker.

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